Matalibul Furqan 7 – Parwez (مطالب الفرقان جلد ہفتم – پرویز)

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3 Responses to Matalibul Furqan 7 – Parwez (مطالب الفرقان جلد ہفتم – پرویز)

  1. Murtaza khan says:

    Salam& dua.Intrested in G.A.Parvez’s Queranic darus.But unfortunatly not getting the same.I read two or three of his books & also listened some lectures.I’m now above 74,very eager to listen his entire Queranic darus without any thecnical disturbance.For Indians,not knowing urdu is there any plan to publish his books in Hindi.

    • Dear Khan Sahib,
      All of Parwez Sahib’s audios are made available on this website.
      It is very difficult to publish any book in Hindi from Pakistan. Now our concentration to produce English translation of Parwez Sahib’s books.
      Thanks and Regards.

      • abbas says:

        Mje G A prvees sahb ke bary m ji bok
        M umir draz shab ne lekhi hn
        دولت پرویز
        Wo bok net pe ni h
        Plzz agr ap apni side pe dal den

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