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  1. Muhammad Latif Chaudhery says:

    Amply designed and beautifully arranged the web site is excellent for a book shop.Congratulations.

    Following additions will make it still more functional.
    A. Price list.
    B. Subject wise index of Audio/Video lectures.
    C. Index of articles published in Magazines.
    D. Disclaimer (Denial of any connection with or knowledge of Tolu-e-Islam Movement)

    Well wisher
    Muhammad Latif Chaudhery.
    Lahore, Pakistan.

    • Tolue Islam Trust says:

      سرِ دوستاں سلامت کہ تُو خنجر آزمائی

      So many thanks for your comments.

      Tolue Islam Trust

    • Dr. Tahsin Faruki says:

      Please advise if Alama Pervez’s books are available in USA?

  2. MohsinNawaz says:

    To understand the Quran this is best website.

  3. Mumtaz Syed says:

    Dear Tolu-e-Islam-Trust, AA

    I am thrilled to see the new and improved site of Tolu-e-Islam. It is probably one of the best sites to learn and understand the divine message Al Qur’an and the other monumental works of Allama G A Parwez. Congratulation and thanks!

  4. Mubashir says:

    One word: Excellent !!
    A great source for learning. May Allah bless you in your efforts to promote His Book and His Message. We appreciate and acknowledge the hard work that goes behind such projects.

  5. Waseem ahmad says:

    طلوع اسلام بہت خوب
    ویب ساہٹ کوٹیکنکلی بہتری کی ابھی کافی ضرورت ہے آڈیو
    وڈیو سیکشن نہیں کھل رہا ابھی اور یہ بھی معلوم نہیں کہ ان میں کیا اپ لوڈ کیاگیاہے

  6. Danny Phillips says:

    I am curious about the relationship of Tolu-e to Sufism. Are Sufi regarded as infidel? Are there any videos in english? Thank you.

  7. WAQAS AHMED says:

    Dear Sir,

    Asslamoalikum, I request to you please convert the word GOD into ALLAH in the text books / softwares of mafhoom ul quran etc.

    Thanks & Regards

  8. Mustafa says:

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    Bohat achi website hay. Ap ka kam bohat acha hay. Parvez sahab ne jis tarah islam ko samjhaya h mai samajhta hun k parvez sahab jesay log Allah ka Ehsan hotay han aam logon par.
    Website mai parvez sahab k tamam daroos dal di jeay takay hum istifada kr saken q k kafi daroos available nahi han is mai jo k youtube mai mojood han.

    Bohat Shukriya,

  9. Abdul Gaffar says:

    It is difficult to operate on your website. I have sent an email to you.
    Do you have any dealers in the USA ?. I would like to order some books, and can pay you by a credit card if that is acceptable to you.
    What are prices for “Islam a challenge to religion” and “what happened after Umer” ?
    I can read only English.
    Thank you
    Abdul Gaffar

  10. rizwan khawaja says:

    I am new to the website.

  11. Terence says:

    Salam Aliekum.I rate Parwez and his Books. They are the best Books in Islam to read.
    There is a gentleman in London UK who sells Parwez’s books.
    All I need to do is call down sometime to London and purchase Parwez’s Books which I am keen to do from Iftikhar.
    I only wish the gentleman would be able to sell Parwez’s books in Greater Manchester UK which would be a lot easier for me.
    There seems to be in the UK the main-stream Islam and the Mosques and Islamic Book shops are not interested in Parwez’s material I WONDER WHY!
    But neverless, I am very keen and interested in Islam and Parwez’s material.

  12. Muhammad Shahid Mubarik says:

    A nice and organized website.
    I have read almost all the literature in Urdu which was available till 1985.
    However I couldn’t bring books to Canada.
    I really appreciate the presentation of the website. Now I am trying to find the literature available in English. There was only one book in English (Islam -a challenge to Religion )

  13. Dr Itrat Maqsood says:

    Dear Tolu-e-Islam site, i visited for the first time today, because of being involved in a heated debate on early Pakistan and the take of our society then and now on Islam. I was looking for verification of certain facts, which i was not happy with when i tried exploring wikipedia…but here, i am amazed at the easy of the website use, its rich content and easy accessability. Kudos for this brilliant effort!!!
    Suggestion: Please take a look at the article on Wikipedia & update that too. It lacks citations, you guys are the perfect people to do that.
    God bless. Pakistan Zindahbaad.

  14. Hafiz Mohammad Ilyas says:

    Acha he

  15. LUQMAAN CASSIM says:


  16. Ghulam Mohd Bhat says:

    AA.Kindly wait till I am able to understand contents of your Website

  17. babar says:

    i am from abbottabad and a regular reader of tolu e islam and i hv heared almost all yhe quranic lectures of Allama ghulam ahmad pervez sahib, i m 100% satisfied with his thinkings, its a awsome job done by him.,a few days ago i attended the lectures of jannat pakistan party…
    what is tolu e islams openion about this party…?

  18. Khalid Iqbal says:

    This is the best website

  19. Malik Mubashshir says:

    Simply the best site for Quranic understanding and an authentic presentation of Islam as Deen, NOT religion. As an American Muslim convert, an educator with advanced degrees in religious studies,I only wish there was a contact/representative of Islamicdawn that I could speak with – to learn more and to help in the cause!

  20. Khan Adeeb Ahmed Umerzai says:

    Hello! May I suggest you to please review and reprint the article about ” Kashmir Problem ” which was written by Mr Safdar Saleemi and was published in November 1965. Our new readers should know what importance Tulo e Islam gives to this unsolved problem.

  21. AJIZ says:


  22. Nadera Mehrnawaz says:

    No use to leave any comments here… nobody answers nobody gives a feed back.. disappointing

  23. abid says:

    sir post some some pamphlet in favor of eid ul adha

  24. Mohammad Salim Mansoori says:

    Excellent knowledge on Deen-e-Islam.

  25. Gulraiz A. Qureshi says:

    Dear Sirs,

    A wonderful, informative and knowledgeable site for those who wish to understand Deen-e-Islam in its true spirit. Have studied many books from this site so far and will appreciate if Matalub-ul-Quran after Sura al-Hijr is also included in this site. Although I have purchased 3-4 books from this portion yet if it is available on the site, more time will be given to study these on the computer.

    Thanks and sincere regards,

    Gulraiz A. Qureshi

  26. Gulraiz A. Qureshi says:

    Dear Sirs,

    A wonderful, informative and knowledgeable site for those who wish to understand Deen-e-Islam in its true spirit. Have studied many books from this site so far and will appreciate if Matalub-ul-Quran after Sura al-Hijr is also included in this site. Although I have purchased 3-4 books from this portion yet if it is available on the site, more time will be given to study these on the computer.

    Thanks and sincere regards,

    Gulraiz A. Qureshi

  27. ch irshad says:

    allamah’s lectures are scholarly discourse of very high standard.they can attract educated people.we must approach them.

  28. Awais awan says:

    No doubt its worth admireable web site beautifully arranged nd agood step.keep it up

  29. Tahir Baig says:

    Excellent Job.Thanks and Highly appreciate for your efforts and dedication.

    Jazak-ALLAH Khair.

  30. Naveed Ahmad Nadeem says:

    Just started using the website. Hopefully will benefit me what I am looking for.

  31. Julia says:

    Thank you for the site. Thanks to you I can read the works of Allama G.A. Parwez and develop my understanding of the islamic teaching.

  32. Asghar shah says:

    Dear. Tolu-e- islam-Trust,AA. I what to read all books and spatioly matalibull furqan all volume .thank you.

  33. Asghar shah says:

    Matalibull furqan all volume

  34. Omar says:

    I have visited your website a number of times. At this stage I would like to comment that the Audio recordings are not very clear. Please try to get them edited from a professional so as to make them clearer with no background noises. I have read the Mafhum ul Quran & some other books and being a Muslim reconverted to a Muslim again as my understanding has grown with time. You are doing a good job maintaining this website. My hats off to the team.

  35. Muhammad Masoom Siddiqi says:

    Dear web editor in Pakistan this site is very slow.Is it possible the book Matalibulfurqan in PDF form.

  36. jamal basha says:

    Salam alaikum

    I have seen GAP sahib speech , He never reject Daily Salat , He cry’s when he talk about last messenger and Rightly guided Khalifa.
    He also accepts There is Final Resurrection of All Mankind , Hell and Heaven.

    He had tried his best level to commentate Quran Message during his life time.

    May Allah forgive his sins.

    I Love his beautiful Language and approach.

    I am from South Part of India.

    Jamal Basha

  37. Rehan Akbar says:

    we really miss you Pervez Sb. you are in our heart.

  38. Abul Hassan says:

    Dear Tolueislam Trustees,
    As Salam Alaikum,

    I have no words for thanks to all trustees and specially G. A. Pervaiz. My father was also liked him very much and he is also beneficiary of his Taleemat -e- Qurani. When i was very young, i also was interested but after that i forgot everything and spent my life (cant say). Alhamdolillah, once again i have started to learn Taleemat-e-Qurani and really very appreciate and thanks for the work of G.A. Pervaiz. My life is going to change day by day and i m feeling good myself.

    Request for the videos for all lectures on all surahs by G.A. Pervaiz. Your support will be highly appreciated.

    Abul Hassan Rajani

  39. Dilawar says:

    Plz rply my cments

  40. Nazim Qayoom Rather says:

    Asalamu Aliekum

    Jazakallahu Khair, I am very happy to put it, that while searching for some stuff regarding islamic Socio-ethics for my research, i came across this website, which so beautifully maintained, that i found it the best and a good place for my research material. May Almighty reward you with His Rehmat……………aameeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Dilawar says:

    Pervez sb ne apni book me jo hazram esa aleh slam per nasab ka bohtaan lgaya ha wo kiun. Quran me to 30 jaga un ka nam man yeni hazram maryam aleh slam k sath aya ha.. Hadees me b nai ha, itna bara jhoot bolny par kuch shram nai ai. Kuch khof e khuda hota ha. Very bad. Plz rply . Bhagna ni jawab den.. Shame sham sham

  42. Smaira says:

    Much appreciated to read the quran with logical

  43. Mustafa Sahil says:

    assalam o alikum…
    kia Pakistan mein pervaiz sb k followers ki koe ba,qaida organization hai???

  44. jawaid q butt says:

    i learned Deen From Allama G A Parvez . Alhamdu lillah i read and listened all his Quraan lectures.Thank Allah i got the exact and true picture of Islam.there were lot of questions unsolved when i used to read Quraan in my College life which finally got solved after 25 years. now i m listing and reading it again and again for five years to get all the answers of life. i try my best to teach my friends and colleagues but its very hard job.Allah give them Hadayah (Ameen)

  45. Naveed Islam says:

    This website is great to seek knowledge of Holy Quran.

  46. Khudadino Shah says:

    I want to purchase English books written by Pervez sahib kindly provide list and prices .

  47. Ijlal shah says:

    as salam aly kum
    me perwez sahab ki elm-miat ka bohaat qail hoon, mujhe kuch jeddah me ase ashab ka contract
    cahi ye take un ki sobat me beth ker me apne elm me ijafa karsakoon.
    my mobile number =00966561418645

  48. Tallat Perwaiz says:

    need to about ,:women rights in islam – – — – – – -

  49. safeer ullah qureshi says:

    Thank you to the people of islamic-dawn and tolu-e-islam for this groundbreaking and much needed work.

  50. Omar Sani says:

    I have been reading the Exposition of Quran & some other books of Pervaiz Sahib for over 30 years. My Name ‘Omar’ was also proposed by Pervaiz Sahib to my Mother Naseem Sani (Late), as my Maternal Family has been associated with the Idara since its inception in Gulberg-II. My maternal Aunt Shamim Anwar (Late) helped in translation of exposition of Quran from Urdu to English. I have been following the web sight for some time. It has been improved over the years. It is user friendly and well organized and simple to use. Good work to the team.
    Some suggestions if they can be implemented:
    1. An excellent & professional audio recording of the exposition of the Quran in Urdu & English which is downloadable and controllable through bookmarks is needed. Many of my Non-Muslim friends ask for it.
    2. A Quran Application downloadable on PC and Mobile phones with strong search options on different Topics and also for audio commentary.
    I wish the creators of this website & developers the best in future endeavors.

  51. rafi ullah khan says:

    salam me tuloe islam ka bhot porana qari hon but barson mulk se baher rehne ke waja se rabta nhe tha umed he edara ab be wesa he hoga jese pervez sab ke waqt me hoa krta tha allah ap sab team ko hemat aur hosla de

  52. Raja parvez Ali Abassi says:

    i’m intrested about ghulam ahmed parvez he was good personality and
    i watced his some videos about Quran . i’m Quranist and i blieve on only one God.

  53. Nasir anjum nasir says:

    Can not find QURAAN,S translate and tafseer better then GHULAM AHMAD PARWEZ

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