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Aurat Quran K Aaieney Main – G A Parwez (عورت قرآن کے آئینے میں ۔ پرویز)

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Shahkare Risalat New Edition – Parwez (شاہکارِ رِسالت حضرت عمر فاروق – پرویز)

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Click HERE for English Translation of last chapter of Shahkare Risalat – The Eclipse of Islam 

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The aim and objective of the Tolu-e-Islam

The aim and objective of the Tolu-e-Islam Movement is to remove all non-Quranic ideologies, beliefs, and practices prevalent in present-day Islam, and replace them with Quranic concepts based upon reason and rationale. Tolu-e-Islam’s literature is essentially directed towards individuals who are in search of truth so that they can overcome the forces of secularism and be able to establish a pure Quranic society, wherever they may be. The words “Tolu-e-Islam,” meaning “dawn” or “resurgence” of Islam, were taken from the title of a poem by the sub-continent’s great Muslim philosopher and poet Allama Mohammed Iqbal. 

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