Translation and Printing Projects

Software and Apps Project

Application / Software Mafhoomul Quran, Lughatul Quran and Exposition of the Holy Quran

 Audio Books

  1. Qurani Quwaneen Audio Book – Completed and Available Online in MP4 Format HERE
  2. Meraje Insaniat Audio Book – Completed and Available Online in MP3 Format HERE
  3. Mafhoomul Quran Audio Book – Recording Completed, Editing and Checking under process. Click for Samples HERE
  4. Exposition Of the Holy Quran – Audio Book – For Sample Click HERE
  5. Islam: A Challenge To Religion – Audio Book – For Sample Click HERE

Social Media, Internet and Networking Project

  2. (Down Temporarily)
  3. Facebook Page
  4. DailyMotion – Video Channel
  5. Vimeo – Video Daroos and Audio Books

 Social Responsibilities

  1. Schools in Lahore and Dera Ghazi Khan
  2. Health Facilities for Deserving
  3. Scholarships For Staff Children
  4. Scholarships For Professional College Students
  5. Books for Libraries and scholars
  6. Pamphlets and Leaflets of Quranic Guidance on burning issues of Society