Nizame Rabubiyyat New Edition – G A Parwez (نظامِ ربوبیت – پرویز)

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4 Responses to Nizame Rabubiyyat New Edition – G A Parwez (نظامِ ربوبیت – پرویز)

  1. Tallat Perwaiz says:

    Need to know ,women rights in islam – – – – – – -

  2. rafi ullah khan says:

    Me tuloe islam ka bhot porana qari hon 1990 ke bad mera ye dobara rabta he es edare se me ne mehsoos kia he ke yhe ak edara he jo ferqa parasti se pak he but ye sheqwa zaror he ke ye edara pori tarha aur bharpur tareqe se logon ko malomat nhe de rhe jesa ke pehle es edare ke books aam melte te jo keh ab napaed hen bhot mushkil se melte hen

  3. SK Kabir SK afzal says:

    Quran samjhne asaani hui and zyada waqt quraan ki taraf lagaa rahetaa

  4. Avez says:

    Salam ,

    I want to tell you there is A Big mistake in One PDF book TITLE CALL 007 Surra Al Harraf , but
    in side this PDF ( SURA AL QAMAR ) please sort out this mistake , I will thank full to you.

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