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10 Responses to Articles

  1. naeem khan says:

    every article has farsi poetry in it and some poetry which is not translated cannot be under stood.pls if possible put urdu translation with every farsi poetry mentioned.there are not many people who understands is ajamie language and the magazine itself is in urdu language for urdu readership.
    naeem khan

  2. Syed Azizuddn says:

    Pleas send books

  3. sheikh Mohammad Atique says:

    i inspired.

  4. humaira says:

    aoa i m student of MPHIL pakistan studies .religious thoughts of ghullam ahmed pervaizi is my assigment work i neend help in this matter i search so many sites but i m confuse about his religious thought according his contamporariesbut being a researcher i want to know actually what were hi religious thought in comprihensive way .plz send me on my e mail id

  5. Shoaib Yamin Mohammed says:


    If any one know about any book or magazine from Parwez sahab about Zakat please do share with me.

    Thanks & Regards

  6. Hassan says:

    I have read the book Maqam e Hadees and Nizam e Raboobiyat
    Seems very interesting and have changed my view and thoughts about the Quraan
    And I have a suggestion please make a dictionary of words which are used in these books because the farsi is so difficult

  7. Hassan says:

    Please post Mafhoom ul Quraan in Full version the said versiin have only 37 pages so please update conplete book so we can read and understand

  8. maryam says:

    articles are not opening

  9. Muhamma EISAR UL HAQ RASHDI says:

    This is good

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